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Create a plate gallery wall with Maxwell & Williams

Create a plate gallery wall with Maxwell & Williams

Breathe new life into your kitchen, living or dining room by creating a gallery wall made from your favourite plates! We used plates from our Marini Ferlazzo collaboration series with Australian Artist: Nathan Ferlazzo who illustrates in traditional nib and ink style to create beautifully detailed wildlife portraits of the world’s most loved animals and plants. Sketched in his traditional nib and ink style, it’s the easiest way to bring a piece of Australian art into your home.



Try these 5 tips for an easy and unexpected way to bring a piece of Australian art into your home.

    1. Theme it
      Choose a theme that suits the room and your personality. We worked with a black and white theme to create a clean and monochromatic look. We chose to mix Marini Ferlazzo plates in different designs with eclectic framed prints in black and white.

    1. Have a game plan
      This is the most important step in creating a wall you're completely happy with. Lay your favourite pieces on the floor and shift pieces around until you find a layout that feels comfortable to your eye. Trace your plates onto brown paper and tape your paper replica to the wall with painter’s tape to create a guide.

    1. Symmetry
      Before taking your hammer or drill to the wall, use a level and measure the spaces between your plates to create a perfectly symmetrical and aligned gallery wall. For renters (or those feeling less inclined to commit!) removable adhesive hooks are a perfect solution.

    1. Safety first
      Keep your fingers safe and away from the hammer with an ordinary household item – a peg. Use a wooden peg to grip thin nails while hammering away for accurate placement and safe fingers.

    1. Easy clean-up
      Make cleaning up a breeze with sticky notes. Stick one onto the wall and fold the non-adhesive portion perpendicular to the wall just underneath where you plan to drill. Once you start drilling, the notes will help catch the fine powdery dust.

Stand back and admire your masterpiece, the possibilities are endless, you'll be planning your next theme before you know it.

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